Drone Tone

from by Rye Pines

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Empty out the bank account
Keep the head, close the mouth
Kiss the girls, forget the set
The wind tends to redirect
Pawn the watch
Trade the guitar for a car
Sell the mic
but not the amp, keep that
Cut your hair, fake your death
Assuage the doubt, head west
Tend bar at a pool hall
Keep some water for treading
Assimilate into the locals
A grand Navajo wedding
Though the stiff tends to kick
It's not the booze that made you sick
It's the stillness in the room
That thing between the light and you
Where've you been? Who've you been?
It's seems you've been pretty something
You seem pretty to me, we got fucked
You're so funky with your lag and your sweet
Nothing's going to come, nothing's going to leave
Nor come of, nor come to, come back to me
I must've lost you in between the couch cushions
Seems to me I remember the taste of your teeth
Marks on your ear, I can hear you make marks on me
Don't you ever look at me
This heart would stop most certainly
Don't you ever look at me
Don't you ever with those violent greens
What's that feeling?
What's that trying? I tried
What's that buzzing?
What's that constant humming?
What's that light?
I thought I heard a fly when I died


from Dead Ocean, released February 17, 2015




Rye Pines Boston, Massachusetts

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