A Portrait of Dissonance as a Young Man

by Rye Pines

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Don't you go and get caught up in that trend of discontent The tone tolls out and then decays into dissonance But I sure as hell got bit by some bug My demeanor is demure and my smirk is smug When is it shining or smiling? They can't get enough of all this 'I'm just getting by' The trite and true signs of being depressed Are 'Woe is me, I'd rather be in bed' Glooms weaving a canvas for death Let yours be a thread instead When is it shining or smiling? Can't get enough of all this 'I'm just getting by' How've you been, emptiness? I can't get enough of all of this Our sleeping, Napping
Up like smoke is how I plume and weave, breath and sigh Rubbing elbows with the night, the day is done and now I rise Up with dust is how I get swept up with the sunrise I know tricks with ice and rye, I've been tricking myself how to get by These days don't bend a bit and I'll blend right in with it They fell out of reach I fell out of touch, It don't bother me Because it doesn't matter much It all came undone, no one knows how This is where it ends, this is when we bow These days don't bend a bit and I'll blend right in with it Hands shake hands when I arrive, keeping quiet is modest pride So much so you don't realize That I've stepped out without saying bye
Good Health 04:21
Yea, It's hard work knowing your worth Well I got mine, it's the price of the dirt Do you feel fine or do you feel like a jerk? At least you tried for whatever that's worth I've never had a good time taking it easy I guess my back's fucked up, I'm on the curb again I've got to pull it together, I've got to clean myself up Though I've never felt better I'm not sure that that's enough But why do I try? A good sleep and a cool drink is what I need for my health I've never had a good time taking it easy I guess I got fucked up, I don't remember a thing I've got another round coming, you haven't met me just yet I will never settle down nor repay all my debts But why do I care? A good sleep, dream free, is what I need for my health
Many go the penny's way, do you sit around with that weight dreaming up empty space? Sure you gotta work to make a wage, it's gotta be worth what is pays You gotta earn that BFA and does what you think come across in what you say? All the cool kids dropping out everyday, that shit won't fly, you better stay What an idea. Reading is what it's all about Do you keep the tongue still in the mouth, will you head west or south? I had an idea and this is how that it came out Reminisce everyday, do you only miss what moves away? I'm all out anyway, just give it to me and I might stay Oh what an idea unexpressed. Some thoughts are better left kept up in the head There ain't no word for that thing that you think
With white chalk in the rain is how they mark my name But obscurity will only ever be broken by posthumous fame So give my bones to my dog, she'll bury me in the back yard I don't know a better home than in the grips of her loving jaws And hang my clothes out on the line, they'll blow away in time Or maybe the garden will overgrow and my sleeves becomes a vine I would whisper your name if you'd only do the same Obscurity is all we ever see but now we've got posthumous fame
I've been to the blood red bridge, the hawks like to shake down I cut the shirt and bled all over it, Keep it in the dresser, sometimes wear it as a nightgown I've been to the earth-red cliffs, is that tide dragging you out or just pulling you in? Why am I so tired all of the time? I've been to the blood red bridge, America's icon is a highway I didn't drive over it, I fled the scene and took the highroad to the beach We don't get waves like this on the East coast, Don't they beat your body like some primordial joke? Why am I so tired all of the time? Take a red eye flight home. Now I'm home Why am I home?
What kind of party is it going to take to keep our minds from this? The taste it stays wether you like it or not I've been around longer, long enough to name streets after me I don't know why I bother, don't know why it so bothers me But I'll be a townie compared to everyone else around me Cause I stick around while all of my friends are growing forward and out I cope like Choctaw, you can't keep a culture from dying out I've never fought like Iroquois, but also never ignored nostalgia when change was about I got bent all on my own, I trash the house, wreck the home, I walk like sloth, I speak like toad
Oh where does it go? Over plaines and plateaus All this never sober and only ever getting older My mind wanders to the same damn spot, the tongue gets tied and I get caught But I'm alright, it's just a thought wandering off So where did you go? Out to roam like buffalo I'm just sitting thinking, the thought got lost and the heart starts sinking Do the math to figure out what I've got, What I am and what I am not But I'm aright, it's just a thought wandering off
Torn flat, I'm bored with that, I don't buy that, I don't buy into that It's been sold short, It's been told to me before What makes you happy and how do you speak? Where've you been hanging and who did you meet? What've you been drinking, what is your life blood? How do you sit around and who do you think of? Now who are you all about? Calm and thin I write now and then Ink in the skin and the thought of it dripping Where have you been? Where do you belong? I wrote my friends into all of the old songs How have you been getting along? Don't these days just keep going on and on? The thought is so bright, don't it hold you so tight? And it grips though the day, tender is the night life
Walden 02:56
I put the whole thing out, I put the flame out myself I moved into the woods, I grew a beard it was 3 feet long Now I live all alone, palm full of pitch and I bathe in a pond Collecting pinecones, me and the trees don't breath local law The mind's fed, I don't pay taxes My new monetary system consists of stones and sticks I moved back to the town to reinvest with refreshed feeling I trimmed the 5 feet back down, I got tattoos with different meanings All the old chums had gained weight, the girls now cuss and have belly rings I got an empty mailbox, been working on social skills and small talk
(Guitar) 00:52
Etiquette 06:08
I don't see what you see in speaking so frankly I think it kills the thing and blatancy is never interesting Hey, how are ya? Shaking hands with a spear on his arm And a weight in his words, in subtlety we are all submerged But how'd I get so worked up? Keeping the head straight on is a hard job, so is keeping on Feels like an ache, my chest was all wrong Don't it shake me awake? Doesn't it string you along? Have you all gone away? I've been asleep for so long You could ring for me all day but I'm way gone


released January 22, 2014

Alex Page- Drums
Edward Maguire- guit/vox/bass
Tracks 1,2,3,5,7&10 engineered by Paul Vaitkus at Barefoot in Brighton MA Tracks 4,6,8,9&12 engineered by Stevie George at Studio52 in Allston MA Vocals and additional guitars recorded and mixed by Edward Maguire
Album art by Gina Biondo




Rye Pines Boston, Massachusetts

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