Roll with the Urchins

by Rye Pines

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Jesse Mullen
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Jesse Mullen Combing surf music with classic Boston Noise Rock, Rye Pines latest is a winner on all fronts. This album puts the "high" in Highly Recommended Favorite track: KEEPER.
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trllm_studio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Favorite track: SPIDERBACK BOOGIE.
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    Okay, so if I saw a band like Boston's Rye Pines in high school it would have blown my mind. Thankfully that didn't happen cuz I like having a brain in my head but that's neither here nor there. Heavy shit for you weirdos. Ugh chug.

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KEEPER 03:17
Sun is waxing and cutting in beams Light seeker I met one, she was as good as three A true keeper Felt the trap set down on me Good trapper By noon I could’ve had two or three red snappers Finder, keeper, trappers, keep her, find her Sun is waning and fading on me Fade wholesome All past thought has bled free from me I’m never lonesome
Big Tuesday night in Sunnyside Bix still takes solos, I take the 7 line Can’t keep it down, turn table spins round Downstairs neighbor’s always angry Going at the ceiling, broomstick, nightgown Eat up the scene with shaky knees Pass the bottle, see how you lean Hunt and chew is what I do I cast an eye and now my sights are set on you Bix sleeps in Queens, Bix sleeps in Queens Bix sleeps in Queens, so does my squeeze One big party Bix sleeps in Queens, Bix sleeps in Queens Bix sleeps in Queens 7,7,7,6,5,4,3
When I get upset or stuck in my head When I get so down that… I don’t know… When I get so… Whatever, jesus When I get upset or stuck in my head When I get so down… I don’t know, I don’t know
ICEBOX 02:11
Head you round, walk you home It’s always late when I’m alone But indifference gives way and a soft spot seeds in I don’t trust anybody not worn by it This is just to say something got a hold You’re so sweet and so cold All of this and the plums I ate them up one by one Forgive me Wake up, think about you Take a walk, far out Take a walk, spread thin Go home, think about you Stay up, got bent Think about you, sleep through Spread thin, sleep through Wake up, think about you
OYSTER 02:44
Put my head to the Earth, open my mouth I’ll taste gold before common ground In the sea is an oyster and oyster makes pearl Put it on a necklace and give it to a girl Aim for the sky to shoot down the sun Now it’s dark for everyone
-written by Jana Hunter- This halo is a joke A little hoax for parting ghosts My momma told me so She's dead; she ought to know And if you see me Walking down your favorite street I'm only going to see Little babies trying to breathe This cradle is a tomb An everlasting sense of doom My momma's in her room She's dead; she died too soon And if you see me Crawling out of your favorite tree I'm hanging so delicately There's no one that can save me
SHOALS 03:22
There in the water I could live for days and days and days He’s got a red house on the edge of the forrest That’s New England living for you She lives by the sea Brews pots of coffee every time she sees me Here in the shoals I could live for days and days There in currents Out through the channels Beyond the breakers And into the drifts
RILE UP 02:17
I bought a rug for my love She was excited, we decided to cut it up I bought a rug for another love She got riled up, I had to cut and run I bought another for a lover All the while she game me smiles, I had to roll her up I bought a rug for my love For each one a rug Now I’ve got rooms and rooms of ‘em
It’s a good start But still aways to that endless part To better space It’s useless, I left it down there some time ago You’re on it, I’m honest, too much so I could sleep for weeks with that scent on my sheets I could go years with out you, see no one, not eat You could say it’s cold out Meandering holidays Leaves turn, you change, youth fades
Quake! Quake! Shaking up the coast of Japan Sending big waves out in a fan I start on the opposite side of the globe We meet in the middle at San Francisco Ride a cable car on the Mason line Everything in North Beach looks alright This is your morning wake up Though it’s 5 AM It’s on the news show, it’s on the radio Run to wherever you can I want to go to the beach Japanese tourists taking photos of the sea I just wanted to to wade out to my waist I never thought I would die in this place Cold salt drags and pulls me I’m swept off my feet There’s white foam over my head these days I think I taste saline I roll with the urchins on the seabed floor All my neighbors have shells, I don’t need air no more Even the white rocks by the bridge ask me ‘What was it like to live?’


Xander Page- Drums
M. Pando- Bass
E.L. Maguire IV- Guitar,vocals
Recorded 2/2/17 in Boston, MA by Chris McLaughlin
Except track 6 recorded 5/2/16 by Kyle Anderson
Vocals recorded 3/2/17 in Brooklyn, NY by ELMiv
Mixed by ELMiv at Beiderbecke Studios Sunnyside, NY
Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance Cambridge, MA
All songs by Rye Pines except track 6 by Jana Hunter
Album Art by Lindsey Boss


released January 6, 2018




Rye Pines Boston, Massachusetts

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